15 May 2018

Theater plays in English!

Here you can see a few pictures of the plays we saw yesterday. 
They were really good! Thank you Look Out! Theatre Company for the amazing shows!
And thank you AMPA for bringing these great shows to our school!

A monkey's tale (Cicle mitjà)

The lemon thieves (Cicle superior) 

26 April 2018

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Here's an example of the oral presentation you have to prepare in the past simple tense: 

He was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
He was from Austria.
He was a composer.
He was a prodigious boy.

He wrote his first music when he was only five years old.
He travelled around Europe with his father and his sisters
and he played his music for some very important people.
He became very famous.
A lot of people loved his music.
He had two sons.

He was often ill and he died when he was only thirty-five years old.

25 April 2018


Ha començat la votació del públic per escollir els millors vídeos del concurs THE FONIX! Les nostres concursants, la Laia, la Sarai i la Maria, necessiten la vostra ajuda. Necessiten que entreu en el seu vídeo i feu like (s'ha de fer a la pàgina de youtube del vídeo). Només heu d’iniciar una sessió amb gmail.

Aquí teniu el link per anar-hi directament!

17 April 2018

Getting ready for the theatre...

Here are the songs of the plays we're going to see on Monday the 14th of May! 
You can practise at home!

A MONKEY'S TALE (Cicle mitjà)

THE LEMON THIEVES (Cicle superior)

16 April 2018


Aquest és el vídeo amb què les nostres alumnes Laia Jordi, Sarai Rubio i Maria Bandera de cinquè participen en l'11è Concurs d'Anglès Interescolar de Catalunya THE FONIX.
El tema del concurs d'enguany és "Clean and healthy planet", i per als estudiants de cicle superior de primària hi ha el sub tema de "Healthy lifestyle and obesity".
Esperem que us agradi!

Obesity and healthy lifestyle from English Àngels Alemany on Vimeo.